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The AUKBC - AHERF Program


            The Advanced Certificate Course in Clinical Trial Management (ACC-CTM) being offered jointly by AU-KBC Centre and AHERF trains graduates and postgraduates to design, conduct and monitor clinical trials for Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), Sponsors of the trials, Clinical Trial Centres, Investigators, and other agencies.


            Anna University Chennai has a proven track record of training and supplying quality manpower in large numbers to the entire nation in diverse fields, and AU-KBC Centre with its infrastructure and resources is extending this tradition to the domain of Clinical Trials Management. Given its width in terms of the fields of expertise available with it, and depth in terms of research work, Anna University in general, and AU-KBC Research Centre in particular, is ideally suited to handle the strongly interdisciplinary nature of training needed for this domain.


            In a similar manner, Apollo Hospitals have pioneered corporate mode of delivering quality health care in the country, and has contributed significantly to making India a global destination of choice for affordable world-class health care. In addition, they also have a well-known track record of pioneering Clinical Research in India including the conduct of Clinical Trials, and today they conduct trials on the largest scale in the country in the widest range of diseases and drugs. Their deep involvement and expertise in Clinical Trials makes AHERF (the exclusive Site Management Organization and Clinical Research Unit of Apollo Hospitals Group) ideally suited to impart practical training to new graduates in this area.


            The proposed joint program acquires its unique strength by combining the proven track records of Anna University Chennai and Apollo Hospitals in their respective domains, and is intended to cater to the manpower requirements for the Management of Clinical Trials. While topics such as Drug Discovery and Development process necessary to understand the importance of clinical trials will be covered in the course, the specific objective of the  program itself is to train candidates to support and manage clinical trials. The primary aim and scope of the program is to make the candidates immediately employable as Clinical Research Associates (CRA s) and Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC s) in leading CRO firms, Hospitals, Pharma Companies, Investigators, Sponsors, Regulatory and Drugs Control Agencies, Training Institutes etc. The program  can also serve as a sound introduction to this domain for other potential players in the industry such as medical practitioners, pharmaceutical scientists etc.


            The unique combination of sound Theoretical exposure and strong Practical experience ensures immediate employability of the candidates who pass out of this course. Of particular relevance in this regard is the fact that during the last six months of the course the candidates work as CRC (Trainees) in the Apollo Hospitals Network and get high quality Industrial experience.