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Sarad A V

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Mailing Address:

Sarad AV
Ms.By Research(Student)
AU-KBC Research Centre
MIT Campus, Anna University
Chromepet, Chennai. 600 044

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Ph.: +91 44 2223 1034859 (AU-KBC Research Centre)
Fax: +91- 44-2223 1034
Home Page:

Year of Birth: 1981


B.E. (Computer Science and Engineering.) from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur. Afilliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University.

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Work Experience:

Project Engineer,at AU-KBC Research Centre, MIT campus of Anna University, Chennai. (August 2005 -January 2006).

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Scheduling algorithms for OFDMA Downlink in WiMax.

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Areas of Interest :

Routing and Fault Tolerance in Ad Hoc Networks, Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Cryptology and anything interesting :-)

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Conference Papers

Sarad AV,Sankar K."A Time and Memory Efficient Way to Enumerate Cycles in a Graph". ICIAS2007.
International Conference on Intelligence and Advance Systems 2007.[Abstract] [PDF]

Sarad AV,Sankar K,Vipin M. "Building Reliable and Fault Resilient Mobile Ad Hoc Networks". ICSCN2008.
International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Networking 2008. [Abstract] [PDF]

Sarad AV,Vipin M,Sankar K."A Time and Storage Efficient Solution to Remote File Integrity Check". IAS08.
The Fourth International Conference on Information Assurance and Security 2008. [Abstract] [PDF]

Sarad AV,Vipin M,Sankar K. "A Multi Way Tree for Token Based Authentication" CSSE2008.
International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering 2008. [Abstract] [PDF]

Sarad AV,Srikanth S. "Improved Interference Diversity in Multicellular OFDMA Systems" COMSNETS 2009.
The First International Conference on COMmunication Systems and NETworkS 2009.[IEEEXplore Abstract] [PDF] [Presentation]


Sarad AV, Sankar K, "String Art: Circle Drawing Using Straight Lines". [Abstract] [PDF]

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"B-Tree Optimizations in. free text search". FossConf 08, Chennai. [PDF]

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Technical Works :

Remote File Integrity Check (rfic)

Primitivity Test Routines in GF(p)including checking for linearly independent roots that includes Berlekamp's reducibility test and Benor's reducibility test.The implementation is due to the papers of Gulliver, Allanen and Knuth.

Checking if a given polynomial in the extension field GF(2^n) is primitive or not(as in Paar's thesis).

Both are done by mixing up and calling multi precision libraries namely PARI, GMP and Zenfact. The database used is MYSQL.

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Project details :

Cryptographically Secure Pseudo Random Number Generation Using Mersenne Twister over Secure Hash Algorithm-1

Secure E-Banking,a secure electronic cash transaction implementation using Blowfish encryption algorithm in Cipher Block Chain with Checksum Mode using BSD Sockets.

Implementing Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Over a Prime Field and its analog over Elliptic Curves Using Polynomial Basis

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Workshops/ Seminars Attended:

INDOCRYPT,8th International Conference on Cryptology in India. Chennai,India.

Wi-Fi Alliance India Regional Symposium, 17th March 2008, Chennai, India

National Workshop on Cryptology,2006. DIAT. Pune,India.

INDOCRYPT,7th International Conference on Cryptology in India. Kolkata,India.

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Tutorials Attended:

Refresher Course in Mathematics-Cryptology, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. (May 2nd -May 14 2005)

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Other Information:

Software Proficiency

Languages - C, C++

Other interests

Graph Theory, Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Data Structures, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Network Security, Natural Language Processing.

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