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AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai.

The AU-KBC (Anna University - K B Chandrasekhar) Research Centre( was set up in the M.I.T (Madras Institute of Technology) campus of Anna University, Chennai with funding and Support by its alumnus Dr.K.B Chandrasekhar, a global Entrepreneur and investor from the Silicon Valley (USA). Created through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Anna University, Chennai and the KBC Research Foundation (KBCRF) Pvt. Ltd. (, the Research Centre became a fully operational from about 2002, and it constitutes a unique Instance of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in the Indian R&D Scene.

The Core vision of the Centre is to become a university-based Multidisciplinary research of global stature and standing pursuing the twin goals of

  • Extending the frontiers of Scientific Knowledge through high quality research.
  • Generating Technologies and Products of economics and social value.

The Centre is driven by the conviction that, along with generating research output of global quality, R & D institutions in India should also strive to support themselves financially through their research output. IP creation and their commercialization within a transparent benefit-sharing framework therefore constitute an important part of the Centre's goals. Consultancy and Training Programs of industrial value are another set of activities done by the Centre in addition to Academic, Sponsored and Contract R & D work. The CTM Program along with Apollo Hospitals is an excellent example of Industry-oriented programs being pursued by the Centre. In order to pursue the IP Product/Market orientation effectively, the Centre works as a part of a larger “Innovation-Ecosystem” promoted by K B Chandrasekhar consisting of KBCRF Pvt. Ltd and Svapas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (

Activities and Programs of the Centre are in two broad domains:

Life Sciences (LS) and Information Sciences (IS). In the Division of Life Science, human diseases and drugs constitute the focus Area, and the specific topics being pursued include Nanoscale Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Vascular and Cancer Biology, Detection and Diagnostics, Bioinformatics, etc. In the Division of Information Sciences, activities are focused on the areas of Language Processing and Knowledge Discovery, Wireless Communications and Network Security, and Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) promotion.

Working within a novel PPP-in-R & D framework, the Centre has over the last 7-8 years of its existence performed very well in terms of quality research papers, patents, theses, technologies, products, training and certification program etc. The model pioneered by the AU-KBC Research Centre is getting increasing recognized and accepted today as one of the ways for strengthening applied and IP-oriented R & D in Indian Universities.