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Seminar on "Synchronization & Coherence in Networks" on 27th Aug 2003
Dr.Prashant Manohar Gade, Visiting Scientist, IMSc., Chennai.

Seminar on "VoIP Telephony over Enterprise Networks" on 10th June 2003
Mr.J.Ashok, Sylantro Systems, USA.

Seminar on "The Technology Behind Video Conferencing" on 4th Feb 2003
Mr.C.Jayakumar, CUSeeme Technologies, USA.

Seminar on "Introduction to Division Algebra" on 4th Feb 2003
Prof. Bharath Sethuraman

Seminar on "Adaptive Filtering And Its Applications" on 20th Jan 2003
Dr.A.A.Beex, Virginia Tech.USA.

Seminar on "Ways Forward for Tamil Dictionaries" on 20th Dec 2002
Prof. Gregory James, Language Centre, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Presentation on "Connecting Rural India" on 29th Aug 2002
Mr.P.G.Ponnapa, n-logue Communications Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Seminar on "Overcoming Roadblocks to Technological Entrepreneurial sucess in India: The Entrepreneur Network Initiative", on Tuesday, 27th Aug 2002
Dr.L.N.Rajaram, Webcall Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Demo on "The Simputer" and "E-Governance Packages" on 23 Aug 2002
Mr.Raja Subramanian, Vyapin Software Systems, Chennai

Public Lecture on "Language, Computation & Creativity" on Tuesday, 13th Aug 2002
Prof E.C.G.Sudharshan, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Presentation on "A Biological Named Entity Recogniser" on Friday 9th Aug 2002
Ms N.Meenakshi

Presentation on "Information Extraction from Medline Abstracts" on Friday, 9th Aug,2002

Seminar on Performance of Block Adaptive Modulation Schemes for IEEE 802.11a on 9th Aug 2002
P.Arun and Dr.Srikanth, Venue : CDS-320 (Tenet-UACT Seminar Hall, IIT Chennai)

Seminar on Cataractogenesis, Tuesday, August, 6th 2002
Dr.K.Varadaraj, Physiology and Biophysics, SUNY at Stony Brook

Training Sequences for MIMO Systems, Sat, July 13th 2002
Dr. Jaiganesh Balakrishnan, Texas Instruments

Cytogenetic Study in Fetal Loss and Malformations and Effects of Maternal Thyroid Hormone Pertubations on the developing Rat Brain, 2nd July 2002.
Sathanoori Malini, Visiting Fellow, Dept of Biological Sciences, TIFR, Mumbai

An Elementary Introduction to Statistical Mechanics. March 2002.
N.D.Haridass, Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Vibrational Spectroscopy. Feb 2002.
P.Raveendran, Arizona State University, Raleigh, U.S.A.

Optimal Space-Time Block Codes from Cyclotomic Field Extensions. Jan 2002.
B.A. Sethuraman, Dept of Mathematics, California State University.

Introduction to Markov processes & Introduction to Queueing theory. Dec 2001.
Revathy Sundararajan, Ramanujam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras.

Interactions of Single DNA Molecules With IHF Protein Jaffar Ali, NCBS, Bangalore. AU-KBC Lecture Hall 1.

Spatial Processing in Wireless Communications Systems - An Overview. Nov 2001.
Sundar Sankaran, Arraycomm Inc, USA.

Issues in Developing a Diagnostic Tool for Tamil Verse Checker. Oct 2001.
P. Vanchinathan, Scientific Publishing Services, Chennai.

Synthesis of electronic and photonic polymers intertwined with DNA. Oct 2001.
Ramaswamy Nagarajan, Center for Advanced Materials, U. Mass, Lowell.

Structure, Optimisation of Biomolecules --Algorithms and parallelising. Aug 2001.
V. Sundara Rajan, Bio-informatics group, CDAC, Pune.

Translatability across Indian languages.  Jul 2001.
B. Ramakrishna Reddy, Dravidian U., Kuppam.

Bluetooth and Other Wireless technologies. July 2001.
P.Rajasekharan, Ramco Systems,Chennai

Wireless Networks. Jun 2001.
P. Seshaiah, Fujitsu Research, UK.

In-Vitro Profiling For Adme Characteristics in Support of Drug Discovery - A Big Pharma Experience. Jun 2001.
Surendran, Parke-Davis (Michigan).

Research Experience at the University. Jun 2001.
T. R. Guruvasudevan, John Hopkins University, USA.

Near-Field Optical Instrumentation. May 2001.
K.Krishnamurti, Chalmer'sUniversity, Sweden.

Combinatorial Meaning of Shannon's Theorem. May 2001.
Shiva K.Shankar, CMI, Chennai.

Quarternions and related Beasts. April 2001.
Bharath A. Sethuraman, CSU(N),USA.

Role of Informatics in Biology. April 2001.
Bala S Manian, Entigen Inc,USA

Bio-informatics Research. March 2001.
David J E Callaway, Picower Institute of Medical research, NY, USA

Building Institutions of Excellence--some issues. March 2001.
Gadadhar Mishra, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore.

Cryptography and security--some flawed assumptions. Feb 2001.
Sanjay Burman, CAIR, Bangalore.

TMW-an internet Product. Jan 2001.
L N Rajaram,Webcall Tech,and Banyan Networks,Chennai

Cryptography and Network security. Jan 2001.
C E Veni Madhavan,IISc.,Bangalore.

Theories of  the Mind. Dec 2000.
Navjothi Singh,NISTADS(CSIR),New delhi

Management Information Systems. Aug 2000.
Mani R. Subramani, U. Minn., USA

Call signalling protocols &
Protocol and QoS support for IP telephony. Aug 2000
K. K. Ramakrishnan. AT&T Labs Research, USA

Web Servers. Jan 2000.
Krishna Ramachandran, Sun Microsystems, USA

Database technology. Jan 2000.
C. Mohan. IBM Almaden Research Center, USA

Mobile computing.  Jan 2000.
Nirmala Shenoy. MIT, Melbourne, Australia

Natural Language Processing. Dec 1999.
Rajeev Sanghal. IIIT, Hyderabad.

Cryptography. Dec 1999.
C. E. Veni Madhavan. IISc, Bangalore & SAG, New Delhi.


Workshops and colloquia:

Training course on Drug Discovery and Development through Bioinformatics on September 21-25th, 2004

Training course on Bioinformatics Tools and Databases on September 8-11th, 2004.

Training course on Bioinformatics Certificate Programme on October 5-9th, 2004

Certificate Course in Wireless Technologies April 2004.

Certificate Programme in Bioinformatics - Apirl,May and June 2004

Emerging Wireless Technologies, March 24th 2004.

Short Course on Understanding the Technology behind IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs, March 5-6 2004.

Indo-German Workshop on Natural Language Technologies, February 17-18 2004. Details.

National Workshop on Cryptology - 2003, October 16-18 2003. Details.

Seminar on Modeling of Wireless Communication Systems, December 12th 2003.Details.

Workshop on WordNet for Dravidian Languages, June 2-3 2003. Report.
Workshop Faculty : Jayaram B D, Pushpak Bhattacharya, Rajendran S & Uma Maheswar Rao G.

Workshop on Security group on Cryptography and Security, 3th Aug 2002.
Workshop Faculty : Mr.Sethuraman, Mr.MuraliMeenakshi, Dr.R.Padma

Workshop on Corpus-based Natural Language Processing, 17 Dec 2001 - 31 Dec 2001 Report.
Workshop Faculty: A. Joshi, U. Penn & B. Srinivas, AT&T Research.

Nanotechnology colloquium, 8 Sep 2001. Details.
10am-2pm, Lecture Hall 1.

Colloquium on "Interdisciplinary issues of Research in Life Sciences, Mathematics, Language Processing, Computing and Communication", 21 Nov 2000.
9:30 am-4:30 pm, Lecture Hall 1.

Workshop on Cryptography and Data Security. June 23-27 2000. Photos .
Venue: Rajam Hall.



Prof M.G.K.Menon
President, International Council of Scientific Research, New Delhi, 13th Sep, 2002

Mr Rajiv Ratan Shah
Secy, Min of IT, GOI, New Delhi, July 2002

Kanwal Rekhi
TIE, San Jose, Aug 2001

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
PSA, Govt of India, July 2001

Bala S. Manian
Empatheon, March 2001

E. C. G. Sudarshan
UT Austin, Aug 2000


Public Functions

Indo-German Program on Voice based Multilingual Information Access (V-MIA) System Development-- 3rd-6th Dec 04. Details.

First Meeting of the V-MIA Project (Indo-German Collaboration) on 7th Oct. 2004, DST, New Delhi. Details.

AU-KBC Centre "Open House", 7-9 Jul 2001. Details.  Photos .
7-9 Jul, 2001. AU-KBC Centre, MIT, Chromepet.

Inauguration of AU-KBC activities. Photos .
18 Jan 2000. AU-KBC Centre, MIT, Chromepet.

Foundation Ceremony. Photos .
5 May 1999. AU-KBC Centre, MIT, Chromepet.