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"Anna University Awards Honorary Doctorate to K B Chandrasekhar"


In the 27th convocation of Anna University held in Chennai on the 6th of Nov.2006, the Chancellor of Anna University, His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu, conferred on our founder Mr. K B Chandrasekhar the Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) for his professional achievements and contributions to Anna University, his alma mater. All of us at the AU-KBC Centre are happy and proud of  this achievement of Chandra, and congratulate him most heartily for this well deserved recognition. We are certain that, with his dedication and commitment towards nurturing quality and excellence in Scientific and Technological Research in India, there will be many more similar honours and recognitions that will come Chandraís way.  

We also thank the Vice Chancellor and the Administration of Anna University  for this generous gesture of foresight and vision that has sent out a strong and positive signal to all those who would be interested in forging close linkages with the University to take it to greater heights. In recognizing and honouring Chandra for his contributions  to the University through the setting up and nurturing of the AU-KBC Research Centre, the University has opened its gates wide to all its alumni and others who would like to collaborate and work with it on a win-win basis in building technological and entrepreneurial strength in Tamil Nadu and the country. 

We at the AU-KBC Centre are also happy about the role that we have been able to play  in realizing the shared dream and vision  that had brought  Chandra and Anna University together in 1999 in an exciting and rewarding journey, and we are committed to taking this agenda forward.  

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27th Convocation  

6th Nov. 2006


Presented by

Dr. D. Viswanathan

Vice Chancellor


On the occasion of the

Conferment of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) on

Thiru. K B Chandrasekhar


Your Excellency, the Chancellor of Anna University, it is my proud privilege to present to you today, Mr. K. B. Chandrasekhar, an outstanding technocrat, a distinguished technologist and a global entrepreneur, for the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa).  

Mr. Chandrasekhar, co-founded three companies: e4e Inc: A global technology holding company, Jamcraker. Inc: an on-demand software company and Exodus Communications Inc: one of the most successful IPO s of that year. He is the chairman of the first two of these companies. Mr. Chandrasekhar is a fine example of homegrown talent: he has a Bachelorís degree in Science (B.Sc.) from the University of Madras in 1980 and a  Bachelorís degree in Electronics Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University in 1983.  

Mr. Chandrasekhar began his career in 1983 at WIPRO as customer support Engineer. In 1990, he moved to U.S.A on assignment as country manager for Rolta India Limited. In 1992, Mr. Chandrasekhar started his first entrepreneurial venture, Fouress Incorporated, a network software design and development firm with prestigious clients such as sun Microsystems, Adaptec, Toshiba and Lockheed. With Fouress, Chandrasekhar discovered his Midas touch and from then on he co-founded the other companies and founded several others. At present he is associated with more than 20 entrepreneurship ventures in which he has invested. In recognition of his phenomenal growth and achievements, he was honored the Ernest & Young Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year ward in 1999.  

The year 1999 was also special for another reason because it was in this year that Mr. Chandrasekhar set up the AU-KBC Centre at the MIT campus of Anna University. The AU-KBC Centre which promotes interdisciplinary research in areas of information sciences and life sciences is a unique venture because it synergises public-private- partnership in R&D in India. The vision of this center is to contribute to the economic growth and the social well-being of India through R&D work. In order to convert the R&D output from the Centre and by other scientists of the university into marketable products, he set up Svapas Incorporated in Chennai. Apart from this initiative he has also generously contributed to the networking of the campuses with a view to promote e-learning and remote education through the internet.  

He has been a member of the Committee of Overseas Indians, Ministry of  Information Technology, Govt. of India, as well as the   Chairman, Venture Capital Committee of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in 2000.

In the United States of America, Mr. Chandrasekhar is one of the charter members of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), a non-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals.  

In recognition and appreciation of his laudable achievements in the field of Information Technology and his outstanding contribution to uplifting and promoting Research and Development in India, Anna University considers it befitting to confer on Mr. K. B. Chandrasekhar, the Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa).  

Your Excellency, the Chancellor of Anna University, it is with immense pleasure that I present to you today, Mr. K. B. Chandrasekhar, for the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science.