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P. Gautam  (Ph. D.,  1989, IISc Bangalore)
Honorary Professor of Eminence
Research Interests: Chemical Biology and Computational Biology
Division: Life Sciences
Email: gpennathur<at>gmail<dot>com, gautampennathur<at>gmail<dot>com


Kavitha Sankaranarayanan (Ph.D., 2007, NCBS/ TIFR)
Research Interests: Ion channel biology, stem cell biology, Ion channel modulators from natural products. 
Division : Life Sciences
Email: kavithas<at>au-kbc<dot>org

Phone ext.: 151


C. N. Krishnan  (Ph. D.,  1977, IIT Kanpur)
Honorary Professor of Eminence
Research Interests: Communications.
Division: Communications Engineering
Email: cnkrish<at>au-kbc<dot>org, cnkrish<at>gmail<dot>com
Phone ext.: 127

Sobha. L (Ph.D.,  2002, IIT Kanpur / MGU )
Research Interests: Anaphora Resolution, Syntax and Information Extraction
Division: Information Sciences
Email: sobha<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 131


M. Sethuraman  (M.Tech, 1985, IIT, Kanpur)
Research Interests: Network Security Coding Theory and DSP Solutions
Division: Information Sciences
Email: msr<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 141


Suvro Chatterjee  ( Ph.D. 1999, D.A. University, Indore )

Research Interests: Nitric oxide, cardio-vascular, vascular remodeling and endothelial cell biology
Division: Life Sciences
Email: suvro<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 148



P.Gajalakshmi   (Ph.D. 2000, University of Madras )    UGC Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Breast cancer, cardiovascular problems under chemotherapy, nitric oxide profile in cancer.
Division: Life Sciences
Email: gajvig<at>yahoo<dot>com
Phone ext.: 147


Akila Swaminathan  (Ph.D. 2017, Anna University) )    CSIR-Research Associate

Research Interests: Model development for liver fibrosis, Hypoxia, Nitric oxide, vascular functions
Division: Life Sciences
Email: akilals.bdu<at>gmail<dot>com
Phone ext.: 146


Rajalakshmi Subramaniyam   (Ph.D. 2014, CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute )    DST-Inspire Faculty

Research Interests: Bioinorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Nanobiotechnology, Chemical Biology
Division: Chemical Sciences
Email: rajimaniyam<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 146


Jhansi Nathan   (Ph.D. 2016, Dr. ALMPG IBMS, University of Madras )    DST-Inspire Faculty

Research Interests: Zebrafish Angiogenesis, Cancer Drug Discovery, Marine Phytochemicals, Bioinformatics
Division: Life Sciences
Email: jhansi.nathan<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 155


T. Silambarasan   (Ph.D. 2015, Annamalai University )    UGC-DSK Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Cardiovascular Biology, Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Division: Vascular Biology lab
Email: silambarasan<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 164