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The Innovation Ecosystem

A University-based Research Lab can not by itself realize the goals of economic and  social value creation through its research. It can only go as far as creating a Proof-of-Concept (POC) based on its research findings; it cannot make it market-ready. It is in fact counter productive for the research laboratory and its scientists to attempt commercialization of its research-findings from with in the ambience and culture of the research laboratory.


A complete ecosystem of Invest-Invent-Incubate has to be in place for research to lead to value-creation, and the AU-KBC Centre works with in such an environment. The KBC Research Foundation (KBCRF) Pvt. Ltd., a not-for-profit company provides financial support to the Research Centre under an agreement of joint IP ownership and right-of-first-refusal. Svapas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. provides productisation, incubation and marketing support to KBCRF  for commercialization of its IP s. The revenue that accrues to KBCRF through this operation is shared with all the involved players, as well as ploughed back into research.