iDravidian - 3rd Symposium on
Natural language Processing for Dravidian Languages

July 7-8, 2017, Chennai, India

Organised jointly by

AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai
Department of Information Science & Technology (IST), CEG, Anna University, Chennai

List of Accepted Papers

1    Ramasamy Duraipandi. Tamil Dictionaries from Chaduragaradhi to the contemporary

2    Mohan Raj and S Rajendran. Word Sense Disambiguation of Malayalam Nouns

3    Rajendran Sankaravelayuthan and Anandkumar M. Onto-thesaurus for Tamil

4    Kumari Sheeja S and Sobha Lalitha Devi. How Connectives bring Coherence?

5    Jisha P Jayan and J. Satheeshkumar. How Malayalam Verbs can be classified based on Beth Levin's Classification ?

6    Thangarasu M and Hannah Inbarani H. Feature Extraction based on Affix Rule Tamil Lemmatizer

7    Premalatha R and Srinivasan S. Semantic Based Information Retrieval System Using Knowledge Based Approach

8    Ganthoti Nagaraju, Thennarasu Sakkan and Christopher Mala. Rule Based Approach of Clause Boundary Identification for Telugu

9    Srilekha P Nambiar, Ravisankar S Nair, Swathi K, Rajani T and Riya Prakash. Morphanalyzer For Malayalam

10    Rajasekar M, Rajasekharan Nair N and Udhaya Kumar A.An Improved POS Tagger for Tamil

11    Leena G Pillai and Elizabeth Sherly A. Neural Network based Evaluation of Articulation and Voice Disorder in Children with Aspergerís Syndrome

12    Lekshmi K R and Elizabeth Sherly. An Acoustic Model for Isolated Malayalam Speech Recognition with different Gaussian Mixtures