International WorkShop

An International Workshop on Referential Entity Resolution is being organized in Chennai, India, during 15th - 17th of January, 2008, jointly by the AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University, Chennai (, the Department of Computer and Information Sciences,University of Hyderabad and Central Institute of Indian Languages(CIIL),Mysore. Computational and Theoretical aspects of Entities Resolution in English, European languages, South Asian and Indian languages would be presented and discussed in this event. Exposing the members of Indian language processing community to the developments in the computational aspects of Referential Entities Resolution is one of the main objectives of this event.

Background and Motivation

Referential Entity play a major role in understanding a language, and resolving references is very important in many of the applications such as question answering and machine translation. Cohesion in a text is maintained by referential entities such as pronominals, reflexives and ellipsis, and resolving such references has been considered a research area both in formal and computational linguistics. Theoretical aspects of referential entity have been worked out extensively in both European and South Asian languages, including Indian Languages. European languages have also seen substantial advancements on the Computational aspects of this problem. However, very little work has been done in South Asian languages, including Indian Languages, on the Computational aspects of the problem of Referential Entity resolution, despite there being a fair amount of work getting done in some of other computational areas such as Part of Speech tagging, NP chunking etc

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers working in Theoretical and Computational aspects on to a single platform to share their interests in entity resolution which will further help research in this area .There are invited talks and contributed paper presentations in the workshop.