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Language Technologies and Knowledge Discovery Group


Current Projects


Major Projects

         Web Information Quality Evaluation Initiative, (Funded by FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES, 2011-2014)

         Cross Lingual Information Access Phase II (MCIT, DIT India, 2011-2013)

         IL-IL Translation System Phase II (MCIT, DIT India, 2011-2013)

Consultancy Projects

         Named Entity Recognition and Entity Relationships (eMudhra Consumer Services Limited, Bangalore India, 2012)

Completed Projects

Consultancy Projects

         Employment Trajectory analyzer (Burning Glass Inc, USA, 2005)

         Patent Analyzer (Scope E-Knowledge, Chennai.)

Externally Funded Projects

         Cross Lingual Information Access (MCIT, DIT India, 2006-2008)

         IL-IL Translation System (MCIT, DIT India, 2006-2008)

         Information Extraction (General Domain) (DST, Woman Scientist Award, 2004-2008)

         STIC Asia Project “ A multilingual Processing of Language in Lexico-Semantic Perspective-Application to Question- Answering”, IRIT, Institute of Research in Informatics Toulouse, France. (2007 June- 2008 June)

         Development of Language Technology Tool to Aid Research in the Sociology of Environment. (Funded by ICSSR, India, (2004-2006)

         Testing and Evaluation of Tamil 16-bit All Character Encoding Scheme for NLP (Tamil Vitual University (TVU), Chennai , India, 2007)

         Spread of Languages in the Internet : An Automatic Language Identifier (Indiana University, USA, 2003)

         Tamil WordNet (Partly Funded by Tamil Virtual University)

         Tamil Search Engine (Partly Funded by Tamil Virtual University)