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Language Technologies and Knowledge Discovery Group


Current Projects


Major Projects

         Web Information Quality Evaluation Initiative, (Funded by FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES, 2011-2014)

         Cross Lingual Information Access Phase II (MCIT, DIT India, 2011-2013)

         IL-IL Translation System Phase II (MCIT, DIT India, 2011-2013)

Consultancy Projects

         Named Entity Recognition and Entity Relationships (eMudhra Consumer Services Limited, Bangalore India, 2012)

Completed Projects

Consultancy Projects

         Employment Trajectory analyzer (Burning Glass Inc, USA, 2005)

         Patent Analyzer (Scope E-Knowledge, Chennai.)

Externally Funded Projects

         Cross Lingual Information Access (MCIT, DIT India, 2006-2008)

         IL-IL Translation System (MCIT, DIT India, 2006-2008)

         Information Extraction (General Domain) (DST, Woman Scientist Award, 2004-2008)

         STIC Asia Project “ A multilingual Processing of Language in Lexico-Semantic Perspective-Application to Question- Answering”, IRIT, Institute of Research in Informatics Toulouse, France. (2007 June- 2008 June)

         Development of Language Technology Tool to Aid Research in the Sociology of Environment. (Funded by ICSSR, India, (2004-2006)

         Testing and Evaluation of Tamil 16-bit All Character Encoding Scheme for NLP (Tamil Vitual University (TVU), Chennai , India, 2007)

         Spread of Languages in the Internet : An Automatic Language Identifier (Indiana University, USA, 2003)

         Tamil WordNet (Partly Funded by Tamil Virtual University)

         Tamil Search Engine (Partly Funded by Tamil Virtual University)

Internally Funded by KBC Research Foundation

         Tamil-Hindi Translation System

         Tamil Morphologial Analyser

         Lexical Recourses in Tamil