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Research Faculty

P. Gajalakshmi (Ph. D.,  2000, University of Madras)
Research Interests: Screening for mutations in breast cancer patients.
Group: Life Sciences and Bioinformatics
Email: gaja<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 49

Gurumurthi V. Ramanan (Ph.D., 1997, I. I. Sc., Bangalore)
Research Interests:Algebraic Methods in Combinatorics and Number Theory.
Group: Mathematics and Sciences
Email: gurumurthi<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 30

Jaffar Ali (Ph.D., 1998, I.I.Sc, Banglore)
Research Interests: Single molecule techniques in biology, genetic circuits, drug-DNA interaction. 
Group: Life Sciences and Bioinformatics
Email: jaffar<at>au-kbc<dot>org

Krishnamurty_Kotikalapudi  (Ph. D., 1998, IIT Madras, Chennai)
Research Interests:  Vibrational spectroscopy.
Group: Life Sciences & Bioinformatics
Email: murty<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 33

C. N. Krishnan (Ph. D.,  1977, IIT Kanpur), Director
Research Interests: Communications.
Group: Communications Engineering
Email: cnkrish<at>au-kbc<dot>org, cnkrish<at>vsnl<dot>com
Phone ext.: 27

M. Murali (B.Tech 1981, IIT, Chennai)
Research Interests: Network Security, Cryptography
Group: Information Sciences
Email: mmurali<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 38

R. Padma (Ph.D., 1995, I. M. Sc., Chennai)
Research Interests: Number Theory, Cryptography.
Group: Mathematics and Sciences
Email: padma<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 32

S. V. Ramanan (Ph. D., 1986, SUNY, Stony Brook)
Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences in India
Research Interests: Gap junctions; reconstitution in bilayers; modeling of cell-cell communication.
Group: Life Sciences and Bioinformatics
Email: ramanan<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 32

G.Ramesh Kumar (Ph. D., 1991, University of Madras)
Research Interests:  Computational Biology / Bioinformatics
Group: Life Sciences and Bioinformatics
Email: gramesh<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 33

S. Srikanth (Ph. D.,  1997, University of Victoria, B.C.)
Research Interests: Wireless Communications, Communication systems, Applied signal processing
Group: Communications Engineering
Email: srikanth<at>au-kbc<dot>org, sri_ag<at>hotmail<dot>com
Phone ext.: 35

Sobha. L (Ph.D.,  2002IIT Kanpur / MGU )
Research Interests: Anaphora Resolution, Syntax and Information Extraction
Group: Natural Language Processing
Email: sobha<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 31

M. Sethuraman (M.Tech, 1985, IIT, Kanpur)
Research Interests: Network Security Coding Theory and DSP Solutions
Group: Information Sciences
Email: msr<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 41

Suvro Chatterjee  ( Ph.D. 1999, Devi Ahilya University, Indore )

Research Interests: Nitric oxide, cardio-vascular, vascular remodeling and endothelial cell biology
Group: Life Sciences and Bioinformatics
Email: suvro<at>au-kbc<dot>org
Phone ext.: 48

Associated Faculty

 T. C. Bina (Computer Science, MIT Campus, Anna Univ., Main Campus)

P. Gautam (Center for Biotechnology, Anna Univ)
Research Areas: Lipases, industrial microorganisms, protein structure prediction.

Mala John  (Electronics, MIT Campus, Anna Univ.)
 Research Areas: Communications,Wavelets

A. Nagarajan (Management Studies, MIT Campus, Anna U.) 

Ranjani Parthasarathi (Computer Science, Anna Univ., Main Campus)

P. V. Ramakrishna (Electronics, MIT Campus, Anna Univ.)

K. Udayakumar (CPDE, Anna U., Main Campus.)

V. Vaidehi (Information Technology,  MIT Campus, Anna Univ.)

D. Vidya (Electronics, MIT Campus, Anna Univ.)



S. Anand (IISc, Bangalore)
Research Interests: Communications,Wireless Protocols

Bharath A. Sethuraman (CSU, Northridge)
Research Interests: Division algebras.

Nagesh Kolagani
Research Interests: Statistical Natural Language Processing


K.Narayana Murthy(Central University of Hyderabad
Research Interests: Syntactic Parsing and Speech technology

Phone ext.: 44

S. Ponnekanti (Fujitsu, England)
Research Interests: Communications, Wireless Networking

B. Sundar Rajan (IISc, Bangalore)
Research Interests: Communications, Coding Theory

Usha  Rani (Independent Consultant, Chennai)
Research Interests: Cryptography, Graph theory  and Algorithms.

Vijay K. Shankar (University of Delaware)
Research Interests: Grammar Fromalisms, Parsing, Sentence Generation.