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IPs, Technologies, Products, Solutions and Services

One of the goals of the Research Centre is the development of IP s, Technologies, Products, Services and Solutions in the areas of its research work. Such IP s etc are jointly owned by Anna University Chennai and KBC Research Foundation Pvt. Ltd., and the latter has commercialization rights over them. Svapas Innovations Pvt. Ltd. situated close to the campus provides an avenue for commercialization of the research findings from AU-KBC Centre.

The IPs, Technologies, Products, Solutions and Services from the Centre presently cover the areas of Network Security, Wireless Networks, Language Technologies, Knowledge Discovery, Pathogen Detection, Anti-Cancer drugs, Clinical Research, Open Source Software, etc. - as listed below:

  • e-QP : A secure solution for automated generation and paperless transport of question papers for simultaneous multi-centric examinations - in the market.
  • i-SecurIT:A hardware-based Cryptography/Security Trainer Platform---in the market.
  • Webguard: A hardware-based solution for web site defacement --being commercialised.
  • Document Authentication System for electronic verification of documents.
  • Anti-phishing Solution that handles MITM, XSS and Malware based attacks.
  • Bioask: A Knowledge Discovery Engine for Biomedical Research-- in the market
  • Searcko: High performance Search Engines for Indian Languages – in the market.
  • Tamil Language Technologies for Machine Aided Translation, Cross Lingual Search etc.
  • Information Extraction from unstructured data and its use in multiple domains -- like Patent Document Analysis, Translation of Classified Advertisements, etc.
  • Library Automation and Networking solutions using Koha and Open Source Software.
  • FOSS Lab Server an affordable and appropriate tool for FOSS Education
  • Intellectual Property in the fields of
    • Wireless/WLAN- WiFi and WiMax Security Solutions
    • Plagiarism Detection Technologies
    • Sentiment Analysis from documents
    • Computational tools and resources for Indian Languages, like Spell Checker, Morph Analyser, Wordnet, Dictionaries, POS taggers, Parallel Corpora, etc.
    • Detection of infectious diseases using Biosensors
    • Anti-angiogenesis drug lead for cancer
  • Training and Certification Programs in the fields of

Contact the Program Director of the Research Centre (info4all@au-kbc.org) for further details.