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IEEE 802.11a Systems

        IEEE 802.11a is a WLAN standard which gives the specifications,for the PHY and MAC layers and thus serves as a guideline for the software simulation of such a network.It operates in the 5GHz band and provides data rates upto 54Mbps. The PHY layer of this network specifies OFDM as the modulation scheme.
      We have developed a PHY. layer simulator for this standard and we have studied performance evaluation under various channel and rate conditions. We have also incorporated new techniques,within the framework of the standards,like adaptive modulation,space-time processing etc.which improve the BER and PER performance of this system. This improvement eventually translates into an improved performance of the system.

Useful links

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IEEE 802.16.3 Systems:

We are using the channel models which have been standardized by the IEEE 802.16 committee and we are testing some of the OFDM based proposals which are being discussed in this group.   The application of adaptive modulation, space-time techniques, and subcarrier allocation in this environment is of prime interest to us.   We plan to carry out extensive simulation studies on this application.