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Research Topics in Communication


Wireless Communications

The wireless group at AU-KBC is focussed towards developing key technology blocks which can have potential impact on emerging wireless systems.  The Physical (PHY.) and the Medium Access (MAC) layer are the focus areas and innovative techniques are being developed.  A communications lab with PCs, network , test and measurement equipment and 24 hrs. access is operational.   Several students from the MIT and CEG campuses of Anna University are working on projects.  In addition, summer fellowships, research engineering positions, etc. are also offered for people interested in working in the research areas in communications.  A certificate course on wireless communications is also being offered.

There are three key areas in wireless



Power Line Communications

We are investigating a whole range of  Communications Technologies over the 440/220 volts Low Tension (LT) Line segment, as well as the 11KV High Tension (HT) Feeder Line segment. The communications group at AU-KBC has been carrying out work in this area for the past 18 months and is to our knowledge the only communication group working in India in this area.

The team has carried out preliminary Measurements, Modelling and Characterization of the campus UG segment, and the results were presented at the ISPLC -2001 Conference in Sweden in April 2001. The team has designed and developed, in collaboration with the State Electricity Board, an LT powerline AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) system using commercially available ASIC's and demonstrated the same in the Campus in Feb 2001.We are also investigating Telephony and Internet Access over the LT segment. Also being carried out is the task of  measurement  and characterisation of  the 11KV UnderGround cable segment in the campus.The team has expertise in the design, development and delivery of Spread Spectrum Transceivers using DSP's and FPGA's, and the same is being extended to OFDM systems.