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Implementation of Cryptography and Network Security Algorithms
  1.  RSA  -  Anitha & Udaykumar. We have used Arjen Lenstra's Long Integer Package for handling the arithmetic operations.
  2. A multiple precision arithmetic package called AMPL has been developed recently by Anand Sridharan at the Centre.
  3.  Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem - Akhila & Suresh in S/W, Deepti, Ravi & Sundar in FPGA
  4. DES, Serpent, RC6  - Kavitha Arunmathi, Bharathi & Vedhanarayanan
  5. AES (Rijndael) - Kavitha Arunmathi in S/W, Sundar in FPGA
  6. Certificate Authority system - G. Sangita
  7. Implementation of intrusion detection system using genetic algorithm - B. Gayathri
  8. Chaos-based cryptography - Kanakarajan
  9. Simulation of Quantum computing - Balasubramanian

R. Padma