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The Kaveri Java technology project.
Nature of the project :
    To execute Java Technology related projects


1. Enhancement of EJBCAR application:

The J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) platform is a distributed computing platform that specifies technologies to support multitier enterprise applications. This facilitates design, development, assembly & deployment of component-oriented enterprise applications. The EJB architecture supported by the J2EE server is a server-side technology for the development & deployment of reusable components that contain the business logic of an enterprise application. The EJB manages transactions, object distribution, concurrency, security, scalability, persistence and resource management of Business applications.

EJBCar is a sample application that demonstrates the use of EJB technology by modeling an online car-buying service. It allows an end user to search for cars based on preferences, to select and buy a car, and to obtain financing information for it. The EJBCar application which was originally designed using the EJB 1.0 specification has been modified to the EJB 1.1 specification with added enhancements.

2. Developing a scalable Online Share Trading System with failover capability:

The Online Share Trading System is a three-tier application with a flexible user interface for clients. This allows a client, typically a share broker, to create a new customer record, buy and sell shares on the customer's request; it also highlights the new share prices by updating with the server periodically. This application is designed using the MVC (Model, View, Control) Architecture.
Consider the following scenario. If a particular e-com Website becomes popular, then the number of requests to that Website increase tremendously. In such cases, a single Web/Application server cannot service the huge number of requests, since the processing of each request involves various transactions. In order to service such the large volume of requests, we could mirror the same application in two or more Web/Application servers; the requests to these servers is regulated by an intelligent Web Load Balancer. This Web Load Balancer will re-route the requests based on (1) the servers' load and (2) the sessions established by the client with a particular server. Further, if a particular server crashes, the session data associated with the server will also be lost. This problem is addressed through the Distributed Session Management algorithm; ongoing sessions on the crashed server will be assigned to other servers.

3. Conglomerate:

Conglomerate is a Conference Organization and Management software package designed for Associations and Organizations who regularly organise large events at the National or International levels, like Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions etc.. It incorporates all modules (including Registration, Conference Sessions, Tour, Accommodation, Accounts and Reports) to manage your conference efficiently. Developed with the common library functionality, customized solutions can be easily provided to the specific needs of the organization. Designed using multi-tier Client Server technology, it can be easily deployed either to work with a single system or in an intranet setup or made online through Internet. It provides a flexible user interface, which lets you manage the conference with ease.

This software package has been designed and customized for organizing "APICON 2002", the Joint Annual Conference of "Association of Physicians" of India.

P. C. Karthikeyan , K. Mohanasundaram