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Research Programs

    Right from its inception, AU-KBC Research Centre has laid great emphasis on Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary work in all its activities and programs. This followed partly from its focus on application-oriented work where the requirements of the end-application dictates the types of disciplines that would be needed, and partly from the understanding that the new forms of knowledge that would be needed in the future would not fit tightly into any of the existing silos, but would necessarily cut across many of them. Advancements in the science of Mathematical Modeling and Computing has in particular facilitated development of understanding across disciplines even at the levels of working scientists. Our centre has had two broad divisions from its very inception--

          Division of Life Sciences (LS)

         Division of  Information Sciences (IS)

   Work in Life Sciences has two components – Experimental research emphasizing biological processes at the single-molecule, nano-scale levels, and studies of similar phenomena using Bioinformatics and Modeling approaches and tools. Under the Information Sciences division, activities are currently being pursued in the areas of Language Computing and Knowledge Discovery, Wireless Communications, and Cryptography and Network Security.


   Work across disciplines is facilitated  by the emphasis that has been given to the Sciences, Mathematics and Computing in the Centre.

    In terms of their objectives, all work at the Centre can be broadly categorised into three levels-

         Long term and basic research programs -- leading to high impact papers and IP (Intellectual Property)

         Short/Medium term applied research programs -- leading to Papers, Technologies and  Products

         Sponsored/Contract R&D, consulting and training programs – leading to skill-development, linkages and  revenue



 Irrespective of the level involved, all of them contribute to either or both of the following components of the Centre’s vision:

         Extending the frontiers of Scientific Knowledge through high quality research

         Generating Technologies and Products of economic and social value

    While the Scientists at the Centre are free to decide which level they would like to concentrate on with in the larger goals and priorities laid down by the Centre, most of them normally attempt to combine activities at different levels so as to realise their full potential.